How Cloud Computing Can Benefit Bookkeepers And Your Business

Cloud computing has been around the past few years and from a buzzword, it has become an efficient system for businesses. These days, you can see more businesses moving to the cloud and this is due to the number of benefits it offers. Cloud computing refers to the storage of data and servers in data centres with the high levels of security. The data centres can be accessed by users who are connected to the Internet. For businesses, this paves the way for workplace environment to embrace mobility.

You will no longer have to be chained to your desktop as the information can be easily accessed using any mobile device. This means no matter where you are, so long as you have access to the Internet, you can gain complete access to the cloud and stay updated of your business activity. The best thing about the cloud is that you and your bookkeeper are granted access to the information from an unlimited number of computers. Such an access does not impact the performance so you continue to enjoy unlimited storage and processing capabilities.

Types of Cloud

There are different types of Clouds including personal, private and public clouds. With public clouds, you can access the data through Google, Facebook and others. Private clouds are for businesses that want to secure information in a hosted data centre while personal clouds allow you to access your personal information in one place. Personal clouds also give you the option to share personal information with others.


Cloud computing reduces the cost for your business. There is no need to invest in additional computers because the information can be accessed by your bookkeeper or business consultant anywhere and from any device so long as there is Internet connection. Any employees who are given access to the information can access it so real-time collaboration and monitoring take place.

For your bookkeeper, you can easily track any business activities and provide immediate solution to problems that may arise. Irregularities are easily spotted as you have the option to collaborate with your bookkeeper anytime. You are not only making your business more flexible but you are also increasing accessibility. With this advantage, you reduce the chances of losing track of essential information that may put your business at risk. Cloud computing helps bookkeepers deliver information in real time. Once you are aware of your business activities, fraudulent transactions are prevented before the situation gets worse.

Tamara Deterding

Written by : Tamara Deterding