Software as a Service in the Business Environment

Software as a Service in the Business Environment

In today's advanced business technology, Software as a Service (SaaS) is a popular choice. Most companies are using this cloud application for a number of reasons. With SaaS, most of the applications work in the cloud. This is a great advantage for businesses because it improves productivity by providing access to information to people at once. There are no restrictions regardless of your device and location so long as you have Internet connection. 

Living in the digital era also means you do not need a powerful computer to make the most out of SaaS. With your smartphone, laptop or tablet, you can take advantage of SaaS solution. What makes SaaS a smart and efficient business technology? 

1. Reduces time, increases productivity

Installation and configuration are issues often faced by companies during software deployment. The best thing about SaaS is that it is already installed and configured. All the user have to do is to provision the server and within a couple of hours, the application will be ready for use. Since SaaS solution gives users the ability to get access to every bit of information anytime, anywhere, productivity will no longer be affected. Even employees across the globe can still be in the loop when the software solution is used. 

2. Cost-efficient service

Saas is in a multitenant or shared environment. That said, the costs of software and hardware license are low compared with traditional business model. Business owners also have the option to make changes to the environment depending on their needs. This is a viable option for small and medium businesses because the maintenance costs are reduced as well. 

3. Easy to use

A traditional business environment that embraces SaaS solution should not worry about getting used to the advanced business technology. This solution has proof of concepts and users are given the option to test the functionality of the software to ensure a smooth migration. This means that you can test SaaS offerings before you commit to buying them. 

4. Stress-free upgrade

The traditional model may require you to buy an upgrade package and install it right off the bat to get the model to work. Most SaaS providers give you the liberty to enjoy an advanced business environment without having to worry about the upgrade. This is because the effort and costs associated with upgrading the environment is significantly lower than the traditional model. You will no longer have to pay for any services to upgrade the environment.

Tamara Deterding

Written by : Tamara Deterding