About Your Business

How we service your bookkeeping needs depends on the size of your business, current structure and setup. Choose from the following options to see how we can help you.


If you are a startup business the process is straightforward:

  • As Professional Partners with QBO, MYOB and Xero we will recommend the most appropriate software for your needs. These can include cloud based apps and integrations from a range of ecosystem partners.
  • One of our “Specialists” will set up your software. We will customise the Chart of Accounts, Sales Invoices and Payroll if required to ensure it meets with your business needs.
  • We will introduce The Pure Bookkeeping Systems for organising your paperwork ready for processing.
  • We will help you to meet and understand your financial reports and obligations.
What is a rescue?

It’s not deliberate. You had good intentions. Time runs away from you because you are busy running a business. Before you know it, it’s BAS time AGAIN and you know you’re going to have to spend the weekend getting it done. Or maybe you had someone who you thought you could trust but got it all wrong because of their inexperience.

Because every “rescue job” is as individual as you are we can’t say exactly what we need to do to clean it up, get you up to date or how long it will take. During the initial consultation when we complete a “Health Check” (link to Health Check) we will explain to you what the problems are and what needs to happen to transform your data file into a source that provides you with reliable information.

Bookkeeping Issues:

Essentially though we will do whatever it takes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some of the issues we will address are:

  • Bank Accounts or Credit Cards that don’t reconcile with the Statements
  • Old unpresented transactions in the Bank Account or Credit Card
  • Trade Debtors and Trade Creditors don’t balance with the Balance Sheet
  • The Trade Debtors and Trade Creditors aren’t “real” i.e. outstanding invoices and bills have already been paid but still showing as outstanding
  • Incorrect previously lodged BAS’
  • Payroll Categories that are incorrectly set up therefore giving you incorrect information in Payslips, AL & SL Accruals, incorrect Tax Tables, SGC Calculations and Payment Summaries
  • Unreliable Inventory figures

The implications of these issues are:

  • You may be paying the wrong GST, Tax and Superannuation
  • You may be subject to fines and interest
  • You may be making strategic business decisions based on unreliable figures with dire consequences
We’ll start with an initial discussion about your business and after gaining a clear understanding of how it works and exactly what you need we will look after your bookkeeping requirements each month or quarter.

Our services will include:

  • Transaction Allocations and Coding
  • Reconciliations
  • Standard Monthly Reports
  • Payroll if Required
  • BAS/IAS if Required
We work with you to achieve your objectives. Whether you need a few hours a week or a few hours a quarter, we tailor a package to suit you. We’ll start with an initial discussion about your business and after gaining a clear understanding of how it works and exactly what you need, we will help you to implement the right systems.

Our services will include:

  • Employee compliance, payroll and superannuation
  • Regular reporting to give you control of your business
We work with you to achieve your future goals, objectives and needs. We will help you drive your business while focusing on achieving the home, life, work balance most only dream of.

  • Cashflow Forecasting & Business Analysis
  • Inventory Control
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Daily, monthly bookkeeping compliance work
  • Employee compliance, payroll and superannuation
Problems Accountants Have with Bookkeepers

  • You waste time and money by fixing mistakes made by inexperienced bookkeepers.
  • Your reputation can be damaged because a bookkeeper you referred got it all wrong.
  • You may have used a great bookkeeper who is now unable to take on new clients because her books are full.
  • You may find yourself in the awkward situation where a client has a relative doing the bookkeeping, but they are doing a poor job, and then complain when you charge them to fix up the mess.
  • You may have considered bringing the bookkeeping in-house but it’s not your core business and you don’t have the time to manage it.

Our Promise

  • We will enhance your reputation because your clients will be delighted.
  • We will be available to continually take on new clients because of The Pure Bookkeeping System.
  • We can save you money by training your clients to get it right and supervise them to keep them on track.
  • You will be free of BAS compliance work so you can focus on strategic tax planning and business development for your clients.
  • We can reduce your stress because you know you can rely on the information you receive.